Panama – Direct My Steps Lyrics

Panama – Direct My Steps Lyrics

You no wonder, this nigger is foolish out here man
I’m spiting like … six

Don’t break my set, a piece of my heart move and the gate
And you can try the piece of my heart off to the face
And we can try to speak from the heart gonna see you lame
Patrol … cause this is … your brain

But you’re the man, man you’re rapping your game
Forgetting we all bleed switching all feeds
Pitching from mars kitchen like nigger we all need
Mars … with the pasta, … in touch with the rhasta
Get in tone, I chase them when it’s hard
Hate when they drive by whatever the … is park on
Between discuss illusion and nigger trust
That’s why they get me the real, our hands over my nuts
But with these hands I could treat like such
Nothing you ever seen moments after the dream
The most hated, the less rated,
Big blog posting my walls like the best made it
Big blog losing their jaws haters spectating
The label’s busting you up so fuck your next statement
On rider we’re all smashed, the future was all that
I’m talking the kid legend that hop on we’re all there
A part of my soul is hard and cold
Tripping a small vision, peeping a small business
… with jaw pistols, like nigger I’m all they need, I’m all they need
Who would have thought he was the shit in the dark?
Fucking through out the day so mammy come to my place
We can sip on the lake … chill on the dig
Giggle while our middle finger rubbing your clit
I dream big but look when the Kingpin
That queen said I give her that mean …
…like baby you need bread, now
A small girl but lost in a small world, for real.


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