A Few Gs lyrics - Kraft ft Malique

A Few Gs lyrics - Kraft ft Malique

Jockin my swagger, I see you jockin my swagger
I AM KRAFT, nah you can't jock
my cheddar
lyrically hard, I really record
I ain't lyrical but these lyrics
are from god
haters hate this cause they atheist
difference between us is our
cipher's radius
my comebacks in combats is connects and contacts
and nah
hommie you don't wanna know what I'm on next
diamond rock signs in my rocket
science mind
finest one first before the greatest one later
no time for
haters, moving with money makers
if you chase my paper, your face.. in the
ain't no.. federallis my way
still I got heavier jams than federal
so bro pay the tol or touch and go
or smart tag whatever.. f u c k
you pay me!



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