Dem Girls Lyrics Caprice ft. Damien of V.E.

Dem Girls Lyrics Caprice ft. Damien of V.E.

I like ‘dem girls
‘Dem girls, around the world, world, world
Okay, this is a remix
Ya’ll know this is
I like ‘dem girls
And they call me, young to the don
Let’s go!

Fly cars, lamborghini
Can’t stop young houdini
When I come on tv
They just wont believe me
Like that I’m focus man
I grab girls like hova can
You cant see what you cant grab
I got girls thats twice as bad
Get with the pro my cool composoure
Don’t be fool cause I’m naughty by nature
Keep your cool I met get to know ya
Hi whats down, I’m from Malaysia
I dont lie but I’m diggin’ your friend
Shes down, I’m down, like lovers and friend (wait)
I don’t pay I do it for free (wait)
Just call it then repeat

Hey girls around the world
Love the way I rock my world
Yo girls, can’t hold me down
Love the way they love me now
‘Dem girls
(Around the world, love the way I rock my world)
Yo girl, can’t hold me down
(Love the way you love me now)

I’m still young but I take my chances
She wants me to I try to dance
I don’t drive mercedes benz
Give me two years girl, I’ll fly a jet
Nevermind you’re hard to get
We’ll see how you are when I’m making you wet
I don’t lie but I’m one of the best
So don’t drive by without giving me a test
I’am star in the making
You got beef, call my agent
Can’t proceed, call the station
Got my song on hard rotation
Yes, I’m so amazing
From KL, yes I’m asian
Don’t try to test my patience
C-A-P will keep you blazing
Yo girl cant hold me down
Labels cant hold me now
I got them focus now
I like the way ‘dem girls


I met this one girl at a party last night
And she was like, let’s go for a movie
I was like, let’s make one

I take you to the movies
Nevermind the groupies
Take it real slow
Now she really wanna do me
Take her back home, now she wanna get it on
She said, she’s in the zone
And I’m turning her on
So we, walked through the door
Then we, got on the floor
She’s like, papi you ready
I’m like, I got some more ma,
You ain’t bad, you just love the way I rap
She said


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