Strange Lyrics by DAVID BANNER & 9TH WONDER

Strange Lyrics by DAVID BANNER & 9TH WONDER

Isnt it strange
What life is
What life fake
And low niggers still think is a game
You wanna black president
But we ain't ready for change
Little like we are still slaves
... coming up you don't wanna be in the game
... got nothing penalty flag
What part of the game is that?
... too hot but I ain't be in the trap no more
We are too familiar with the 6/4s
My nigger I'm too dope
And I ain't tricking before
... praying to God, take you in my car
Monday to Thursday you ain't thought about...
Saturday is supposed to start the...
Isnt it strange
I used to understand
But now I notice the governments plan
... that another man wouldn't believe... when a dog got beat

We all want the.for position I'm stressing
It's all strange to me
That's what I'm planning to see
Tight jeans like
Now we are living in the... time was there for nothing...
A black woman play momma and dad
My dad ride around all day... his Caddy
He got 24 spinning 3-4 woman but he is much too busy
For the ids to come visit so he send them to a sister
... you need to set yourself down the minute you kiss him

Why black ain't accepted by Africans?
... half nigger try to find a way...
What I'm gonna say?...
When the South time is over
I wanna know I love teets

Isnt it strange?


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