Love Me Butch - We All You've Got Lyrics

We All You've Got Lyrics - Love Me Butch

Old promises are not meant to
Just be repeated so I
Refuse to bow down
give in to you
And I won't let you take the crown
Now that I know who you are
Now that it's clear and you're outta here

Restoring all the trust, we all saw as lost, A long time ago
Someday you'll wake up to find, Great isn't found right there on the other side
Oh please give me a break!
Give us a man to rely on, As of today!

Too cold, too cold
I can't believe you, I can't believe in everything that you say to me
Oh please remember what you always meant to find

Too old, too old
We're not beneath you, We didn't pay for the lies to be free
Oh please remember what you always meant to find

Hey! Your work's a crime
Hey! Maybe I can find the answers when you're outta the race

Hey man you ain't versatile
Please stop from trying us all the time
Hey man, don't tear us apart

Bear in mind we are all you've got!


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