Can't Get Enough Lyrics - Leeroy Reed

Can't Get Enough Lyrics - Leeroy Reed
(Feat. Nagla)

I cant get enough,
when I hear the beat I just get a rush
can you feel the heat? this is what I love.
we ain't gonna stop, everybody's up. (CHORUS)

shes nice,
she's beautiful,
she's right, irresitstable.
she styles, real original
I wan' her in my life when it's visual
that I get this chick ima charm her
she's a straight ten,
one for the graft no bait men,
bum and her waist straight Peng.
She got....
She ain't easy to get close to
Yo believe me yo the whole crew.
I'm tryna get a look and touch them curves
She's cooking, and we can't get enough so girl,
Keep pushing, keep-keep pushing.


Ye, ye, ye,
She got moves, too seducdive
Got me attached like summin I'm in love with
She's too cool an' constructive
Got me on tap and she's got him,
I ain't a chaser but I'm chasing
She got a body that I'm rating
She's the flavour that I'm tasting
I wanna go in butt naked.
I ain't a dreamer but I'm dreaming,
She got summin that I'm feeling
It's appealing got me licking my lips
I wanna kiss what I'm seeing too much
Can't get enough of the cuteness
Too mu' too mu'


Wha's her name? Wha's her number?
Got every man I know going under
She got game, she's a stunner
She got every man I know tryna run her
I ain't a begger but I'm beggin
She got everything I feel to be getting
In her bedding and If she got a man ima tell him
She got steps to cripple my attention
Not vex, dripping like a sweat sum,
With that talent she got everything I want that I haven't
She's that madam that gyal'm
That everybody's crushing, discussing
Can't get enough of the lovin
I'm fussing too much can't get enough. True love.



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