Rémon Beeftink Lyrics - It's Gotta Be You

Rémon Beeftink - It's Gotta Be You Lyrics

Your actions speak much louder than your words
To make sure that you're heard
You're beating with your insecurity
I've taken blows that went straight to my heart
Now it's almost falling apart
I don't know how much I can take anymore

It's gotta be you who has control
It's gotta be you who has it all
It's gotta be you who make these decisions
It's gotta be you

I was far to much in love with you to see
That your pain has gotten to me
And yesterday it took me by surprise
Life is much to short to while away with tears
So take care of your fears
Because I'm tired of the burden that's in your heart

You've stolen all the air I need
Now there's nothing left to breathe
I'm gonna blow this candle out...


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