6 foot 7 foot Remix Song Lyrics - DJ Biggie, Syze, Mr. Dan, Rabbit.Mac, Sheezay, Balan Kashmir

6 foot 7 foot Remix Song Lyrics - DJ Biggie, Syze, Mr. Dan, Rabbit.Mac, Sheezay, Balan Kashmir

-MC Syze-
Excuse me Malaysia, I’m back from the future,
Too many rappers dead, Hold on! Lemme’ brief ya’,
I’m not looking for beef here, not saying im the commissioner,
Soak it in the right don’t let it exit the left ear,
Just wanna keep the air clear, Fuck minors I’m a major,
And if you think those were jokes then come to a place near
The Brick is where my lazer shoot out from the beacon,
I’m so GOD sent yeah I got too many Deacons.

This is Mr.Dan, on my flex again,
And I keep coming back like cross border Mexicans,
Shit the I am, didn't have it planned,
And I aintfuckin’ with you like you my best friend,
Now put a test to your pen, cause mine has an ego!
Son im on point Kobe Bryant free throw,
Crash into a beat, call it nine eleven,
A.U.B don’t stop bitch! 24/7

-Balan Kashmir-
Have u seen a character so fly like a carrier,
Fuck the competition, miscarriage all the barrier,
Always been the shit, now im sicker! Diarrhea,
My work is an art let me open galleria,
Im 6 foot 7, you bitches mini mies,
You rappers ballerina, all pink and pussy,
Stink s to be you, get a pap smear,
Cant fuck with with me,  celibate, damn its Kashmir.

(pasikuthu laaar, konjam beef kidaakuma)
ok, big time boys, big time swag,
y'all just fags, bitches tails wag,
pussies get wet and peeps go crazy,
stand back make way for mafuckin sheezay
muka macam bodoh, serupa katak hodoh,
i know u got no money i'll buy you kuih cekodok,
when you see me, apa pasal kencing dalam seluar,
let me show you the exit, sila keluar

hey yo, boy i got money on ma mind
ma mind on ya sister,
fuckem both up like im mista jack the ripper
bitch i don't rape,
ima R.A.P at cha boy if he don't get a clear fuckin picture,
y'all don't even know im MAC
RU double N  ING
boobi sakka motha fakka PNG
ma flow lavitatin on Zero G

-MC Syze-
You just televise shit more like Ryan Seacrest,
You just borderline kid, and they call me the BEST!
Flowin’ only sicker, sicker than the sickest,
BRICK CITY’s illest, reppin’ all the Killers,
Movin’ only slicker, slicker than the slickest,
True gritty figures, Fuck your Guerillas’,
Speed like the Racer, I’m speedy with the paper,
Im sleazy with em’ haters, im out see ya later!

Frozen water flowing down my vains, like I’m Wayne,
Bitch, you sane?  Are you ain’t ,
I am game, you just plain,
I’m a picture, you just paint,
I amaze, you a lame,
You a bitch, you a dame,
You ain’t shit, you just stains,
You ain’t great, you just made,
You don’t play, you just played,
Couldn’t spit, shit I said,
You ain’t me, please don’t hate bitch,
No my wordplay is so sick,
I’m not a playa but the game love my dick.

-Balan Kashmir-
Hello motherfucker, you’re a peahpundek,
I’ma slice your neck, bitch call you no mandeh,
Bitch, I’m fantastic, you plastic you bastard,
I’ma put the 50 cent and close that casket,
We number  1, you just potential,
Your crew number  2 like the top of the pencil,
Ya’ll stunt doubles, we Jackie Chan,
AUB so hot, bitch get a sun tan this summer.

dei, okay
talai terikka, tharu thalai poleh, taraiyilena naa nadanthaven,
thala vali thantu, teruvorun ninnu, unnai paarthu naanum sirichavan,
kaasu yen kaiyileh polanguthu, unnai paarthu athu verukuthu,
vekkam maanam soodu soranai katthavan unnai, oorei paarthu sirikuthu,
pasuthol porthiya puliyeh, veliyeh nee konjam koopudu,
athu tholai uruchi, thongga potthuten, veli mela athu kaayuthu,
paruppu maathiri pesathey, satthileh vitthu kadanjiruven,
unggapanukkum appan, nan kambathu paiyen,
ketthu paaru, vanthu paaru, pothikku potiyaaru,
don't fuck! with us son cuz,

ooru poora sollu im the
illest, tha sickest,  the dopest, the thickest,
shut tha fuck up listen to us, im flawless
the bunny boy pillin up stacks in ma business
ima make y'all wobble like ya gurlfriends asses
swaga like mine, t.rajendrans finest
tha youtube gangsta, rock on my highness
terror like a Taliban, ur pussy, im the elephant
if i got ma kunji bend?meow meow, the end…

Song: 6 foot 7 foot Remix
Singer: DJ Biggie, Syze, Mista Dan, Rabbit.mac, Sheezay and Balan Kashmir
Album: BTC 2011
Year: 2011


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