Hai Sayang Lyrics - Putri Norizah

Hai Sayang Lyrics - Putri Norizah

Hai Sayang

How are feeling today?

what are you up to?

I miss you all day

Hai Sayang

just by thinking of you

you can put a smile

right on my face

Hai Sayang

its our movie day out

you are looking great in your

checkered shirt

Hai Sayang

and oh you smell so good

you said

"baby, you are looking lovely got me

beeming like crazy"


you got me falling in love

over and over again

you got me singing love songs

Hai Sayang

you have once told me

that every princess needs a hero afterall

Hai Sayang

and you said

"putri, let me be yours"

let make it work

betogether and live happily ever after

ever after ever after


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