Fast Cure Lyrics - Superman Is Dead (SID)

Fast Cure Lyrics - Superman Is Dead (SID)

While you're living on high then you're living on earth again
This time your eyes are coming to find your souls that left behind
Walking in the whispers was no more bright in every side
Start your dream more early before the night is coming down

It's time to realize
You wake up someday
Found no one you really care
Raising up your courage to this journey to survive

Don't give up the fight
Sanding up on every start
Do believe in the past will never giving back your luck
You tell the right
From wrong they say

When you look up the sky to get a smile from every stars
You need to find the way to fight yourself from falling down

What to say is future, to break down the looser
Strengthen your reality, drive away adversity
Do what's right, run and fight
Fight the fear, bring it down, and rise again!


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