Hicks - Mama's Kitchen Lyrics

Hicks - Mama's Kitchen Lyrics

Down home deep southern
From the sticks me and my brothers
Modern cowboys
Ridin’ round this world

Hard hats blue collar
Just tryin’ to make a dollar
In different corners
Different field

No matter what we do
No matter where we go
There’s a plays you never outgrow

We always come back to Mamas kitchen
Swoppin’ lines laughin’ bi**hin’
Catchin’ up what goes on in our lives
Plenty of love in Mamas Kitchen
Ice cold beer and deep fried chicken
Southern food for body heart soul and mind
In Mamas Kitchen

Matt mooned the long arm
Didn’t like his kind of rough charm
Can’t go back to London
In a while

Me and Jay in Paris
Drank some shit and felt fantastic
Sold the Eiffel tower
For a hundred buck

Some crazy stunts we pulled
Some crazy things we’ve seen
But there’s nothing like a home cocked meal


Out there takin’ care of business
Months go by without a living sign
Workin’ hard fulfillin’ wishes
But then we need to unwind
Yeah we need to unwind



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