Lilshah - Wine Fi Mi Seh Lyrics

Lilshah - Wine Fi Mi Seh Lyrics

mi gyal dem wine it(fi mi )
touch mi (wine it)
catch mi
bubble bubble lift up yoh ×2

wine wine wine wine wine
fi mi wine×3
wine for mi wine for mi ×2

take one
mi nuh mi nuh wine for mi no stop sign seen
corky a de stop wen pu**y nah deh seen
(beb dance for mi cause dat nah a sin)×2
(beb beb den wine it for mi back it back it give it back for mi)×2
you de move to de left like dis mi nah wine it
wine to de left like dis mi nah wap wap
yeah you de sey u do kno wat is wining wine to de left like dis if u kno ×2


take two.
yoh yoh di way you de wine it you de make mi feel so high neck
gyal your haga is so highest dat shake from de east to de west (kwah!)
(gyal I seh u de bounce like a ball
gyal a seh u de move it like a ball)

take three.
(every gyal a seh wine up your body she
wine up your body seh take everybody she)×2
(stop vexing stop stop settings
do di jumping jump like a frog
you kno wat mi a love somebody dis a new tan pull to mi bumper)×2

lilshah Kenya...


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